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- Silence in Capriccio 2019 -



Halloween 2019 in Shibuya began quietly. Due to the enforcement of the ordinance caused by the violence by drunk youth in 2018, Shibuya Ward has prohibited to drink in the public area and the strengthening of security by investing 100 million yen, etc. We saw less young people had become mob. The number of visitors increased while the number of disguise decreased because of the news of the violence widely broadcasted in Japan last year, and the visitors who had come to see and the costumed who show off each other's disguise  was clearly divided. However, the solitary look on their faces was glimpsed as same as before.

- Quoted from Silence in Capriccio -

People were absolutely ecstatic and enjoyed the costume party in the capriccio. The closeness of it, the silent moments, allowed them to express their true faces behind their personas. It might imply our wishes to escape the busy city life.

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