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​新宿鸚哥 Shinjuku Inco



世界で活躍するポールダンサー アリーが、自身の全てをぶつけて舞う。




The night at the end of 2022, in the basement of Kabukicho, Shinjuku.


Allie, a world-renowned pole dancer, dances with everything she has.

Tadashi, like a stain stuck in the street, is almost swallowed up by the glare and bumps into her, camera in hand.


These are not portraits or pole-dancing documentary photos. For just a few minutes, they bumped into each other's presence. The trajectory of their lives is presented in the form of photographs.

展示 Exhibition

日時:2023年9月5日(火) 〜 17日(日) 13時 - 20時 ※最終日10日は18時まで

会場:GALLERY NIEPCE(最寄り地下鉄丸ノ内線四谷三丁目駅より徒歩4分)

日時:2023年9月12日(火) 〜 17日(日) 14時 - 23時


写真集 Photobook


私家版 A4 ソフトカバー 62ページ

This Photo book consisting of 61 photographs including those exhibited at his solo exhibition.

Private edition, A4 soft cover, 62 pages


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